Davinia Hamilton is a multilingual performer, theatre-maker and writer working in London. She specialises in interactive and political theatre, with a special interest in the intersection between theatre and activism. She is a founding member of Firetree.

She has played leading and feature roles in venues such as The Vaults, COLAB Factory, Rich Mix, The Etcetera Theatre, Blue Elephant Theatre, the Royal College of Art, and The Manoel Theatre. She has performed scenes from her solo show, Ten, at Battersea Arts Centre and at Arts Admin.

Davinia did her actor training at The Arts Educational Schools in London, and has also trained with renowned practitioners including Maxine Doyle, Conor Doyle and Fernanda Prata (Punchdrunk), Vinicius Salles (Punchdrunk and Jasmin Vardimon), Oliver Smart (Folded Feather), Eric Mallett (Complicité), Kat Joyce (Tangled Feet), and Stella Duffy. She also holds a Masters Degree in Digital Media.

As a poet, Davinia is inspired by identity, art, language, psychoanalysis, and the sea. Most recently, she has been published in CatheXis Northwest Press and in The Esthetic Apostle.