January 2018 – Battersea Arts Centre Members Bar (Rehearsed Reading)
April 2018 – Toynbee Studios/ArtsAdmin (Scratch Performance)


Marie is writing the story of her turbulent twenties. We join her as she details key experiences in her life and picks which of these will make it into her final draft – from leaving her home country and migrating to London, to attempting to carve out a career in publishing, to coping with grief. Each scene is narrated by Marie herself, but as she is obsessed with “weaving the perfect story”, how much of what she says can we trust to be the truth?

Each scene represents a year of her life, and the order in which we see the scenes are picked at random by audience members before each performance, deconstructing the storytelling form and exploring the unreliable nature of memory.

Writer: Davinia Hamilton
Director: Vikesh Godhwani
Performer: Davinia Hamilton